Programmes for Children who have witnessed Family Violence

Research clearly shows that children who are exposed to family violence have similar long-term effects to children who are direct targets of physical abuse. Tararua Family Services can assist these children by minimising their negative long-term problems resulting from exposure to domestic abuse. Our programmes are free of charge and we can provide the session times that are convenient for children and parents/caregivers.

Seasons for Growth®

Seasons for Growth® is a peer support loss and grief programme, strengthening the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people who have experienced significant loss and change. This may include the death of a loved one, parental separation or divorce, moving to a new house or school, as well as many other life changes and losses. There is also a Seasons for Growth® programme for parents and adult seminars.

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Child / Youth Mentoring

Tararua Family Services Mentoring Programme is a free service for children and youth aged 6 to 17 years.  This programme is delivered by a Registered Social Worker who provides individualised and intensive support, positive guidance, encouragement and opportunity which supports children and young people to achieve their goals and aspirations. The Mentoring Programme aims to improve educational and employment opportunities and increase a child or young person’s participation in the community.

Kai Time Breakfast Club

Nutrition is important for cognitive development throughout childhood, as the brain continues to develop. Breakfast is now seen as an important component of daily diet that can affect the overall nutritional status of children. Tararua Family Services, in partnership with Huia Range School, provides a Breakfast Club at the school Monday to Thursday. This programme is well attended and we are always happy to accept donations of cereals, bread, Milo and spreads. Please contact us by phone (06) 374 5029 or email if you could help us out.